La Settimana

88 Opere in Mostra – OTT 2018

Vedi Evento


Poster realizzato in collaborazione con Slurp Design e Tavole Romane

Le Solite Scuse



Love Line

Piatti Cosmici

Piece of Heart


Happy Pills

Food Industry 3

Me and my super creative partner Christian Stoytchev have been charged with creating three series of illustrations, linked by a common topic but strong by themselves. The main area was the made in Italy food intended ...


Summer taste

Palindromi 2

Ambrogito va in vacanza 25 luglio 2015


Personal project



Food Industry 2

Food Industry 1

1 month illustration of collaborative project to support the branding of a restaurant. Creative partner: Christian Stoytchev

Party invitation

Invitation for the 60’s birthday party of an english lady named Sarah; Sarah lives in Rome with her two awesome dogs, they act like humans. On the canvas on the background I tell a bit ...


looking inside


Part of  a series of animated insights questioning how our interpersonal relationships are changing.

NEEDLE Logo Proposals

CompassNews Logo brainstorm

CREC – Brand Identity

Alfano Legnami – Logo Design

ROLO – Logo Design

HETRA – Brand Identity

SNOWglass – Logo Design

Pietro Ruffo – Web Design

Web design for RdMedia – Web Agency of Rome. Collaborative project

D&D – Branding Developed in collaboration with RdMedia

Streghe in Bikini – Web Design

Web Layout & Illustration in vollaboration with RdMedia srl

ERMITAGE – Brand Identity

Business Cards design


Istituto Sacro Cuore Trinità dei Monti

Graphic Design & Art Direction Some screenshots from a big project still on the way: the digital rebranding of the known historical schools of Rome, Istituto Sacro Cuore, one of the oldest names of the ...

COPEAM – Brochure

Logo Design


no more taboo. – Branding

Corporate identity, graphic campaign and icon set development for the newly founded social enterprise no more taboo. which is aiming to tackle taboos surrounding menstrual issues, firstly by raising awareness of the environmental issues, by ...

Streghe in Bikini

Web Design & Icons Design

Studio Legale dMMB

Brand Identity & Web design Code by

Mama Data-editory

Editorial project to display my BA final year research. Flip through the pages by clicking here


Illustration displayed in occasion of the “Art for the War Child” exhibition at the Christmas Step Gallery in Bristol on December.

Via Sacra – Branding

Identity and Web Design visita il sito live

Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration Course Website

visit website


Fatto in casa

Fatto in Casa “They cook for your guests” Destination: a small business of two girls who supply home-made food privately.


Conceptual illustrations. Addiction generates addiction. Coffee generates creativity.


Conceptual digital Illustrations to inspire positive behaviors.

Good drops

Some day of this life

Tech and Humans

Google it:”How to pick a girl up in a cafe?” Part of  a series of animated insights questioning how our interpersonal relationships are changing.

Lone Wolves

Visual experiments around the theme of solitude to explore a different approach of illustration as emotional story telling tool. Visit the website to know more.


Sonno. Sguardi. Domenica pomeriggio. La voglia di creare ti prende poi ti lascia, prova a trascurarla e torna più forte, come un bisogno, come un amante, come il sonno; come il sonno ti fa morire, ...

Ma Graphic Arts – Professional Practice

Video project. Analog GIFs inspires to Richard Blazer, an engineer of old toys that you can see here Here I have been investigating the importance of the game, the humor, the reference to the history, ...

I love bike

For bike lovers

Music is my joy

Mural Painting

Mural illustration designed for the ‘Recycling Hall’ in the Frenchay campus of the University if the West of England. Real sizes: 140cmx80cm


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Ntrl 2 – product design

1 months branding packaging design project. Course: product design – Prof. Massimiliano Sagrati designed in collaboration with Christian Stoytchev

Ntrl 1 – product design

School Project – product design – designed in collaboration with Christian Stoytchev

Accademia Filarmonica Romana

Communication campaign for the a seasonal festival promoted by an historical theatre in Rome.

Pubblico journal

Read the newspaper here

Speak with Me

Part of  a series of animated insights questioning how our interpersonal relationships are changing.

Being a bear in a dirty world

1st place – Roma Provincia Creativa Contest

Poster per la Giornata della Creatività per la Provincia di Roma “Creativity is in the air” 1st place  – Roma Provincia Creativa Contest – July 2012

10 laws of Simplicity_video

5’000 frames for ten scenes. Inspired to the John Maeda book “10 laws of Simplicity Watch the video here  

Contest Young creative Chevrolet 2012

The optimist T-Shirt. Contest Young creative Chevrolet 2012 – Visual arts – 3rd place – Italy “Optimism is my opportunity to make it better“